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Welcome to the Prison Break Fic Exchange!

Modelled after fic exchanges like dgficexchange and dmhgficexchange, this is a community for regular fic exchanges in the Prison Break fandom. Participants request a fic and fulfill the request of another participant. Some exchanges will have themes around which fics written should revolve around. As well, some will have rewards for fic writers at the end. :)

At some point, the community may host fic challenges.


1. If you request a fic, you are required to write a fic. Please keep in mind that a large portion of the fun in the exchange is receiving a fic you'd like written by someone else, and that fun disappears when no one writes the fic request. We understand real life can get in the way, and extensions will be granted. If you sign up and something big comes up that will prevent you from getting your fic done at all, just contact the mod and a back up writer will be contacted for your request.

2. No flames. Be polite. Review nicely. Criticism is nice, but don't go overboard. This is supposed to be some friendly fic writing and exchanging. :) Play nicely.

3. Fics must relate to the television show Prison Break. Crossovers are fine and dandy if that's what's requested of you. But please don't request a fic relating entirely to Harry Potter or something like that. There are other places. :P

4. People aren't going to agree on all things (slash, het, ships, characters, etc.), but repect each others' opinions and don't harass them for it. (See #2 regarding playing nicely).

5. Enjoy it. :) Fic exchanges are to have fun, not to stress over.

6. We understand you're proud of your work, but wait until the reveal of fic authors to post your fic in other locations (your journal, an archive, etc.). Surprises are fun.

7. Questions? Comments? Anything else (relevant) to say? Email almostforgiven at almostforgiven@gmail.com

Our current exchange...

Sign ups are presently open for our second fic exchange! The sign up post will be open until April 13 and prompts will be sent out by April 15.

The deadline for all fics is June 9. :) Get writing!

Fics from previous exchanges are all in the community memories, so feel free to browse through!

Thank you to...

alazysod for the beautiful header! *Hugs*

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